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Site Based Culmination Policy

School's Site Based Culmination Policy for 2017-18

In addition to meeting the District's criteria of 50 credits in 8th grade (no more than 2 F's), Carnegie MS will hold students to the following site-based criteria:

  1. U's in Cooperation - No more than 2 U's per semester or a total of 4 U's per year in cooperation.
  2. Attendance - Students must have 96% attendance rate or higher (no more than 8 absences per year).
  3. Detention - no unserved detentions.
  4. Fines & Debts - Clear all fines and debts.
  5. Discipline - Students must daily exhibit good behavior and citizenship. Egregious disciplinary infractions will exclude students from participating in Carnegie's Culmination Ceremony.